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Our staff have developed a revolutionary way of making computer systems, for self-contained searching and correction of defects and lesions in human organs and tissues. Unique diagnostic apparatus has been developed, following the investigation of all stages from health to sickness, using characteristic wavy organism tissues and even single cells and chromosomes. Diagnostic nonlinear systems are the most modern medical technology, which in the 21st century can be compared to the most celebrated achievements in medical technics. It is a unique diagnostic apparatus, based on spectral analysis screw magnetic fields found in living organisms. NLS enables the user to obtain full information about health conditions and early pathological symptoms (also tumour disease) otherwise impossible to find in their infancy by other diagnostic methods (USG, roentgen, computer-assisted tomography and others). Many experiments and experiences have confirmed precisely the connection between magnetic fields and biological systems outside and inside the cell. Screw magnetic fields feature in the transmission formation process and co-operation within biological systems. First on the world market, we presented the latest medical technology in the range of active homeostasis piloting. Our scientists have created a revolutionary means for the preparation of information programmes to correct unsettled homeostasis equations inside an organism and the neutralization of ecological and infective pathological elements, by releasing on the market new superactive programme for piloting homeostasis.


Our scientists have successfully created effective apparatus that automatically and without human assistance, tunes itself to the neural organism impulse frequency, and self-contained, finds and corrects defects and pathologies in human's organs and tissues by using different combinations, specific modulations, electromagnetic vibrations written on the mould. Fundamentally, the idea of creating this apparatus provides the hypothesis that human organisms have an electromagnetic information framework, able to react to external electromagnetic radiation influence.

Our scientists have succeeded in bringing together different ways of natural medicine and in this way achieve a qualitative leap in creating a method of piloting homeostasis. Directly examined: homoeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, Voll's, Morel's and Schimmel's methods, Hindu Ajurwede, spin theory, phytotherapy and others. Experimental and theoretical works, have made possible the elaboration of a low frequency quantum generator device NLS Diagnostic, which was started at the end of 19th century by the genius of the electronic sphere Nikole Tesla. His work has been continued by scientists: G.Lachowski, R.Rief and R.Voll. The very important advantage of diagnostic method NLS is the possibility to test medicaments. The diagnostic system also has the unique possibility to record vibration of any medicament and make a computer comparison and spectral characteristic of all specimens (it can even be a few thousand of them) which are stored in the computer memory, with the characteristics of the pathological process. By way of this it is possible to choose the most effective working medicament.
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