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Enables the user to obtain full information about health conditions and early pathological symptoms (also tumour disease) otherwise impossible to find in their infancy by other diagnostic methods (USG, roentgen, computer-assisted tomography and others). Many experiments and experiences have confirmed precisely the connection between magnetic fields and biological systems outside and inside the cell. Screw magnetic fields feature in the transmission formation process and co-operation within biological systems. First on the world market, we presented the latest medical technology in the range of active homeostasis piloting. Our scientists have created a revolutionary means for the preparation of information programmes to correct unsettled homeostasis equations inside an organism and the neutralization of ecological and infective pathological elements, by releasing on the market new superactive programme for piloting homeostasis.

A new revolution
In creating computer systems capable to an independent exam and to correct defects has been evoked by the Institute of Applied Psychophysics.
In this institute a leading diagnostic apparatus has been elaborated, thanks to which it is possible to have a look on all the stages from health till disease, by using the wave characteristics of the organic tissues, and even of the particular cells and chromosomes.The non-lined diagnostic system is the most modern medical techniques available, which belongs to the most astonishing achievements of our century. This is a unique diagnostic apparatus, based on the spectrum analysis of rotating magnetic fields of living organisms. NLS gives a full information about the patient’s health and about the very first signals of the disease’s symptoms ( including the oncologic ones ), which was impossible to locate by any other diagnostic method ( X-ray, CAT scanning etc. ), which can only show the already present mutated form. Numerous experiments confirm a very close relation between the magnetic fields and the biological systems. Those kind of fields are being used in the biological systems as a way of the exterior and internal cell co-operation. The rotating magnetic field takes a very important part in the process of information transfer and in the biological system co-operation.First have been presented the newest medical achievements according the active control of homeostasis. By creating a program, which allows to control the homeostasis, the scientists set a revolutionary step in the elaboration of informative programs, thanks to which it is possible to correct the homeostatic disorders and neutralize the ecological and infective factors. The scientists as first made it to elaborate an effective apparatus, automatic able to tune themselves to the organism’s nerve impulse frequency, and to exam and correct it by itself. All this thanks to a combination of various, in specific way modulated, electro-magnetic vibrations registered on the matrix.The fundamental idea during the elaboration turned out to be the hypothesis, that every human body possesses an electro-magnetic information frame, capable to react to the actions of the exterior electro-magnetic radiation. The scientists managed to put together all the different kinds of the natural medicine and make a significant improvement according the quality – elaborating a method of an active control of homeostasis. Following things have been examined: homeopathy, the Chinese acupuncture based on the Voll, Morel and Schimmel method; the Hindu Ajurweda theory; spin theory; the herb therapeutics etc. The theoretical and experimental work, which enabled to create the NLS Diagnostic apparatus – a low-frequency quantum generator, have been started by the end of the 19 century by the genius of electronics, Nikola Tesla. The following researches have been continued by G. Lachowski, R. Rief and R. Voll.

A very important feature of the NLS diagnostic method is the verification of medicine.

The diagnostic system offers also a unique ability to register the medicines features and to compare it to all the others saved in the computer (the number of the different kinds of the medical products can reach till a few thousand) and so enables to pick the most efficacious medicine.

The NLS diagnostic method enables:

  • a high quality diagnosis of the organism’s condition in a very precise way thanks to the local analysis;
  • to control the efficacy and results of the particular method and gives information about the organism’s adaptation to a method;
  • to carry out a dynamic analysis of the organism’s changing condition during the medical treatment;
  • to define the primordial reason of a disease;
  • to define the character of a pathology by using the expert’s report system.

  • NLS

    The whole variety and singularity of the organism’s physiological activities is placed in the brain as a connection system or as a stream of electrical signals send between the nerve cells or as a process of synthesis of one proteins and disintegration of the others. In general this is called the administration program. It is time to put the dispersed knowledge and imagination together and use the potential, which is settled in the humans nature (Rouse S. 1995).

    The results of the latest researches done by a virtual scanner generate new methodical ways of action and new concepts referring to the physiological activity’s process of a human’s organism. Along with new knowledge came also new technical achievements, such as the virtual reality, which can have a positive influence on the quality of a human’s life. The methodical arguments are simple. If a human being and his brain make an uniform and a high dynamic system, so the fundamental molecular processes are first of all to delicate to be examined by the traditional biochemical, physiological or physical methods. Searching for a common way of organization on the organ’s, cell’s and molecule’s level – means trying to solve a problem on a not appropriate level of the analysis.We could spend our whole life examining the physiology of walking, without being able to give an exact answer, why a human being suddenly gets up and starts walking.

    What do we actually know about the processes called the administration program? Why do those processes take place and what is their meaning? Those are changes which are taking place in exactly definite cells of the central nerve system. Those changes can be notified by the morphological method using optic or electronic microscopes as a permanent modification of the neurons structure and their synaptic compounds. Biochemical methods enable to view cascades of the cells activities, which start with opening the ionic channels in the synaptic membranes, followed by the synthesis of new proteins, initiated by a complex internal cell’s system and putting those proteins into the dendrites membranes. Finally by the physiological methods it is possible to estimate the changes of the neuron’s electric peculiarities also connected with the membrane’s structure modification.Each established fact makes ask new questions. But from the virtual scanning point of view all this is an image or a matrix, which saves information for a purpose defined by the organism. In this meaning the information is being elaborated and kept in reciprocal related neurological nets by changing the synapse’s peculiarities. The matrixes are dynamic and located between different brain areas. The nerve system’s evolution and it’s capability to change it’s peculiarities under the influence of individual experience are necessary to be examined as a continuously process of selecting the previous neuron groups and it’s synaptic compounds. In answer to the provoking and limiting environment’s influence, the administration program presented as changes of the electrical dynamic activity in the whole brain area and just the use of the virtual scanning allows to conduct it’s proper examines and correction. Lets notice, that such an attitude focuses the attention on a sudden character of the processes (that means that the peculiarities of the entirety are not characteristic for it’s particular parts, but that they depend on it’s reciprocal relation). Important is also, that the administration program is related to the activity of the whole organism in form particular habits of an intervention; for example the ability driving a car is coded not only in the brain, but also in the whole complex of changes, concerning the organs, systems, muscles and sinews. That’s why examines and proper administration programs of the virtual scanning method open to a doctor, to every sic and healthy human being new horizons. The above presented details will guide us to define the technology of the virtual scanning as a new way of perception a human being’s organism and diagnose it’s condition. Virtual scanning – defines the condition of the brain’s administration program and it’s connections with the internal organs and systems. The whole scanning process is taking place on a personal biological model, which is reconstructed on the computer. Beside this a control of all the human being’s organization levels is taking place – from the molecular ones to the organism as a entire body.What we call the administration program of the organs, systems, the exterior and internal environment – from the brain’s point of view – those are combinations of signals in form of collections of generated or preserved matrixes or images. Each image is unique and contains energetic, frequentative, material and time spaced characteristics of situations, which collection is called life.

    The administration program operates two fundamental groups of matrixes and pictures:

    1. Images of the exterior environment and it’s details.
    2. Images of the internal environment and it’s details.

    Reciprocal relations of those groups are assured by the program, which is capable to define the relation between the matrixes and always finds matrixes which are the closest in their characteristic, depending on the situation. Whatever may take place inside or outside of the organism, it will always be transformed to the appropriate matrixes by the administration program. Next, those matrixes will be compared to those already existing ones. After this there will start (or not) taking appropriate changes in the organism. Matrixes are always unique and no matter how many people are on earth, in their heads there will never be two identical ones.The virtual scanner establishes in the computer a set of matrixes, which are characteristic for the particular patient, what is just called the personal biological modeling. The estimation and comparison of the matrixes – this is what virtual scanning is – similar like the patient’s brain does and translates the received results into a terminology, used by the medicine. To receive the starting information there are used specific patterns, which help to define the individual characteristics of the patient’s administration program, so also the characteristics of his matrixes combinations. In fact, the personal biological model is a model of each individual human being’s administration program. It’s an information about, what a human being represents in a particular moment, what kind of problems he had in the past, what is his internal organ’s and system’s condition like and where the problem is located. All kinds of disharmony and the patient’s feeling that something is wrong (if such had been expressed), are saved in the computer as a temporary condition, before the disease brakes out but as soon as changes appear. The symptoms of such a disharmony are: growing old and getting on weight. Nobody and nothing knows more about a human being than it’s own brain.


    1. Thanks to the administration program, the human’s brain collects and preserves information about the cells, tissues, interior organs, systems, presenting them in form of matrixes (signals, pictures).
    2. This information shows not only the problems of a particular organ but also it’s connection with other organs, tissues, systems, organism, the internal and exterior environment.
    3. The administration program, established by the brain, always contains information about any changes happening in the human being’s organism and expressed in various relations of the matrixes.
    4. The program manages the actions of a human’s organism, bringing it’s organs, systems and tissues activity, to a harmony with the information places in it.
    5. The virtual scanner enables to receive information about any level of the administration program, to change this information and to have a positive influence on the organs, systems and tissues condition.
    6. The virtual scanning always considers the most subtle, individual features of every single patient during the whole treatment and is totally save.

    This is how the virtual scanning enables to get to know and to correct the administration program – the fundamental mechanism of a human’s body function. Beside all the organs, systems, tissues, cells, molecules get always acquainted at once (parallel) and not one by one like it is done by the contemporary diagnostic methods. This is a much more efficacious method. The standard, very labour-consuming methods and clinical means are just used when it’s really necessary. The virtual scanning is taken on the computer, while the contemporary methods must be taken on the patient’s body.Thanks to the researches taken nowadays a huge advantage of the brain’s functional abilities over the traditional medical techniques has been noticed.The basic methodical rule of the virtual scanning is the rule of an exact reflection of the exterior environment through the brain. According this rule a fundamental change has been done in the middle 20th century. The change consists in this, that the sense’s system function is exactly this what is called the operation of the information. This means, that already on the receptor’s level the transformation of the exterior environment’s affection into a sequence of the nerve code signals is taking place. This information is saved in the matrix’s language and can be read in the particular brain’s area. From the coded character of the signals is to notice, that the sense’s systems processes and all the following acts of the organism function are described by using the personal biological modeling terminology. The matrix’s characteristics are equivalent to the information’s character, with the administration program by this or any other affection of the exterior or internal environment.The brain – the most important organ of the human’s body – possesses an excellent functional-structural organization. The discovery of the basis of it’s organization belongs to one of the most difficult and most fundamental problems of the contemporary natural science. One of the maxim has been already laid down – the informative character of the sense’s and interior’s processes. This maxim results the existence of an own language (the matrix’s language) and an own information measure, realized by the brain’s functions. For almost 200 years mankind uses the same ways of diagnostic and treatment.

    In short – it’s the medicine of Awicen’s , Paracelsus’s and Hipokrat’s organs. No matter how many times a particular organ, system, cell and tissue will be examined, a significant step forward in the knowledge of the human’s organism will never be made.
    The computer technologies have changed the civilization.

    The brain’s epoch is setting in – it contains all the answers to the most current questions, according how to extend a human’s life. The first steps have been already made, the progress is not to stop.
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